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7 DIY Reclaimed Wood Holiday Decorations

Posted by Ana Ryan on

Love the look and style of reclaimed wood?  Try using reclaimed wood panels to make some holiday decorations this year. Here are 7 easy projects to get you started:

Holiday Letters

If you have a scroll saw, try making your own holiday letters to decorate your tree or walls.

  1. Draw or print out your favorite holiday word (Noel, Love, Believe, or Peace) in large alphabet stencils.
  2. Use the stencil to trace the letter onto the reclaimed wood panels, then cut them out.
  3. You can leave them rustic, or sand and add a coat of stain to match your holiday colors.
  4. Display on your fireplace or hang on a wall in a line, or use a glue gun to attach the letters together in an attractive design to hang together.

Hand-Painted Door Sign

Even easier is making a large and impressive hand-painted reclaimed wood sign for your doorway.  All you need is paint and one large reclaimed wood panel about 1 foot wide and 4 to 6 feet long.  

  • Turn the panel vertically and trace on a word like"Joy," "Welcome" or "Merry" using a pencil and large letter stencil.
  • Paint or outline the word in white, silver or gold, or a color to match your decor. Stand next to your door to welcome your guests!

Reclaimed Wood Menorah

Make a simple but beautiful Menorah using reclaimed wood. For a very simple design, just cut your wood long enough for your 8 candles.   Drill holes for the candles or put glass tea candle holders on top. For a more dramatic look, add one or more layers of larger wood underneath.

Reclaimed Panel Tree

Beautiful inside or outside, a Christmas tree made from reclaimed wood panels is easy to make.

  1. Take a Christmas tree stand and put in a 4 x4 pine post which is the height you want your tree to be.
  2. Cut reclaimed wood panels for the tree, starting with a top plank of about 6 inches.
  3. Each of the following planks should be cut between 6 to 12 inches longer.
  4. Attach the planks to the pine post in alternating directions using wood screws.
  5. If you want to add lights or decorations, screw in C-hooks to hold them securely.

Reclaimed Wood Manger

What better use of reclaimed wood panels than making a manger for your nativity set? Plans for building an outdoor manger often use new wood, but using reclaimed wood panels adds a rustic and more authentic feel.  You can also use smaller reclaimed scraps for an indoor nativity scene stable.

Reclaimed Wood Nativity

Another wonderful use of weathered wood panels is to make a rustic nativity.  See these plans for a Nativity Silhouette which uses small pieces of scrap wood to make a simple centerpiece. You can also make individual nativity pieces out of reclaimed wood and then either use them as silhouettes or paint simple faces.

Holiday Countdown

Want a fun way to help your children or grandchildren countdown for the holidays? Make a Holiday Countdown from reclaimed tin cans and wood.

  • Remove the lids and labels from as many cans as you want to use for your countdown.
  • Paint the cans with holiday-colored spray paint and numbers.
  • Use a nail to make holes on either side of the can and add a handle of string or wire.
  • Put nails in a row along a reclaimed wood panel.
  • Mount on a wall or fireplace and hang the tins.  Don't forget to fill them with a treat!

Whatever the the project you decide to take on, it can be made easier with RECwood's pre-sized wood planks. No need to sand, finish, or stain - just cut to whichever length you need.

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