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9 Awesome Gift Ideas Using Reclaimed Wood

Posted by Ana Ryan on

Reclaimed wood is the perfect answer to giving gifts while saving trees. This wood can be found in old barns that have been torn down, or in your own house behind drywall or carpet. Reclaimed wood can be easily purchased at RECwood where you can find planks that are cut into uniform sizes. The texture and beauty of reclaimed wood can be put towards gifts and seasonal decor for simple, astonishing pieces.

Candle Holder

A wooden candle holder can be personalized for anyone. You can make it any length you want and create as many holes along the top as you choose for tea lights. Loved ones can use it along the hearth or as a centerpiece. Paint a saying or a name along the outer edges for customization.

Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are some of the easiest gifts you can make for everyone on your list. You simply cut pieces of wood in squares and add felt to the back. Stain the squares or paint them for a gorgeous effect.

Wooden Ornament

Specialized ornaments are the perfect gift so loved ones can hang them on the tree and think of you. You can create any shape using a jigsaw to cut the design and make a hole at the top for string so you can hang it on the tree. Paint the ornament or just leave the natural beauty of the wood.

Beer Tote

Who doesn't need a cool wooden beer tote? Of course, the tote can be used for any type of bottled beverage. It's a great gift for almost everyone that isn't hard to make. Add a bottle opener on the side for a functional tote.

Wood Panel Heart

This is the best gift for the love of your life. Use different sizes of wood to make a heart sculpture. Glue each together and make it as big or small as you wish. Your loved ones can hang it up or set it on a table for all to see.

Coffee Mug Holder

The coffee lover in your life will love a wooden mug holder. For the easy, rustic gift, just take a few pieces of pallet, screw in some hooks and personalize it for your loved one. You can even just write "Coffee" at the top.

Wood Signage

Customize signs for your loved ones. Use one larger piece of wood and write a fun saying, a Bible scripture or just a word along the sign. This simple signage can be put anywhere in your loved one's home.

Wood Tray

A wood tray is a classy, functional gift. Grab a few pieces of wood, a drill and buy some handlebars. You don't have to stain it, but the stain gives it a great look. Best of all, it's functional because loved ones can place dinner right on top of it and eat by the warm fire.

Custom Letters

Spell out your loved ones' family name or your favorite holiday words in wood. Use a jigsaw to cut out any size of letters. Use an alphabet template to guide the saw. Paint each letter or leave them natural.

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