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Antique Mountain Gray 5 inch Reclaimed Wood Panels

RECwood™ Planks

  • $ 119.99

$11.99 per square foot

Hand selected reclaimed gray paneling milled to 5 inches wide and brushed clean with nylon brushes to retain its weathered grey patina. These panels have our most consistent gray coloring with no bands of light brown color for those projects that require greater consistency in a grey patina. All of our reclaimed gray lumber originates from structures in the United States. Every plank is "naturally worn" from decades of exposure to the elements. Through careful dismantlement to milling, these vintage planks are now available in a way for you to transform your wall or project with the natural beauty of vintage reclaimed wood paneling.

Hand Selected Grey Reclaimed Wood Paneling Specifications:

  • 5 inch wide panels 
  • Sold in 10 or 20 square foot boxes
  • 9/32 inch nominal thickness (+/- 1/32 inch) for ease of install and reduction in weight (allows for application to drywall)
  • Straight cut on both sides 
  • Colors and hues of gray wood panels will vary due to authenticity
  • 100% authentic real American reclaimed wood
  • Planks are approximately 44 to 48 inches in length