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Reclaimed Wood for your homeRECwood™ Reclaimed Barn products provides the natural beauty that only time and the forces of nature can provide. RECwood™ allows our customers the ability to create a warm and inviting interior space by achieving a look that is truly exclusive to their home. Our products are precision milled that guarantees unity and easy installation. We want our clients to create a space that truly reflects their personal style, and after years of development, we feel we have perfected a product that you'll enjoy having in your home.

We are a natural extension of our parent company “True American Grain Inc.” True American Grain began in 2010 by researching the barns of America, no longer in use, with the need to be dismantled. They purchased these condemned barns and carefully dissembled them by hand to better understand the history and strength of the variety of wood used to build these barns over 100 years ago. This knowledge is used to mill every piece, resulting in a high quality and sturdy reclaimed wood plank.

Our milling technology plays a pivotal role in reducing waste while protecting our natural resources. RECwood™ recycles all of the sawdust and every piece of the barn wood not used.

We are proud to say that RECwood™ is 100% MADE IS THE USA!